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Short Incense Sticks Discovery Set [Ambery]

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A set of four scents of Apotheke Fragrance incense sticks. 12 shorter sticks are included for each scent, each with a burn time of 50 minutes – plenty of time to become acquainted with the range of fragrances.

This ambery set includes 12 sticks each of Agharta, Black Oud, Mystic Voyage and Rufus.

· Agharta is a spicy wood scent inspired by the temple in Shambhala, the holy city of the legendary underground metropolis of Agartha. The spicy, intense fragrance blends harmoniously with mysterious oriental spices, soft sweet ambrette seed, ylang-ylang, and graceful aromatic woods.

· Black Oud is an oriental woody scent with exotic tones. According to the Sushruta, an ancient Indian pharmaceutical treatise, the smoke of agarwood can be applied as perfume. Burned agarwood was also used as an analgesic for wounds.

· Mystic Voyage is an oriental, spicy, and woody scent inspired by voyages during the Age of Discovery. This blend of spices, flowers and wood evokes the ancient maritime spice route that proved the world was round: the Malacca Islands, India’s Golden Goa, Persia, the Red Sea, Madagascar, and so forth.

· Rufus is an aroma evoking a modern, passionate red.

· 48 sticks(4 x 12 sticks)
· Burn time: 50 minutes per stick
· Made in Japan