Tan metal tin of incense with orange text on grey background
Tan metal tin of incense with orange text and incense cone on grey background
Incense cones in metal tin on coffee table with magazine
P.F. Candle Co.

Sunset Incense Cones [Swell]

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Hand dipped charcoal incense cones packaged in a custom tin, with designs inspired by summer scenes in California.

At around 12pm salty skin, steady tides and endless afternoons in the hot summer sun.

Smells vibrant, juicy, and aquatic.

Blackcurrant, tuberose, and sea moss.

  • Made in California
  • Approximately 30 cones
  • Burn time: 25 minutes
  • Scent longevity: 2-4 hours (dependent on room size)
  • 76mm x 56mm

Scent also available as a soy candle and reed diffuser.