Incense Cones [Tobacco Cedar]
Incense Cones [Tobacco Cedar]
Incense Cones [Tobacco Cedar]
Apotheke Fragrance

Incense Cones [Tobacco Cedar]

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Cone incense, made one-by-one by hand in the Apotheke atelier in Chiba. The scent spreads quickly and remains pure due to the lack of any core material. These are conveniently packaged in a metal tin, so they can be enjoyed in lots of different situations. A non-combustible sheet is provided to help prevent the ash from scattering.

An oriental, woody scent which reminds you of a cigar.

[notes] Cedarwood, citrus, sandalwood, spice, tobacco leaf.

[how to use] Slide the lid off the container and place it on a flat surface inside out. Place the incombustible sheet inside the lid with the black surface facing up. Place the incense on the sheet and light the top before gently extinguishing.

  • Quantity: 20pcs
  • Burn time: 20+ minutes each
  • Made in Japan