Life’s Belongings

The term bindle descends from the German Yiddish term ‘bündel’, meaning something wrapped in a blanket and bound by cord for carrying.

The Japanese term ‘furoshiki’ translates into modern English as ‘bath spread’, a square piece of cloth used at the sento (public baths) to carry a change of clothes and bathing accessories. 

This custom spread - soon a book seller would wrap books in cloth, or a textile dealer would wrap clothes, and they could go out for their business. 

Traders and vendors would use furoshiki to wrap, protect and organise their belongings.

Today we look to recreate this ethos through BindleWorks - a pure, simple and useful collection of products with timeless value to protect and organise your life's belongings. 


Wrap – Protect - Organise

Your things where they belong.