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Founded in 2013 by Anders Arhoj, Studio Arhoj (pronounced ar-hoy) have grown to be an internationally renowned ceramics studio.

Anders originally worked in interior design, having studied in Tokyo, and started shifting his practice towards ceramics between 2005 and 2013. The studio was founded in Islands Brygge, between Amagerbro and Kødbyen (the Meatpacking District, known for restaurants and nightlife). For the next seven years, Arhoj and his team operated out of an old envelope factory, experimenting with materials, glazes and designs. They’ve since moved right into the heart of Copenhagen, with a flagship store and workshop close to the Rundetaarn (round tower).

Studio Arhoj Ghosts - BindleStore.

We began stocking Studio Arhoj ceramics in our Manchester store in late 2019 after being on a waiting list for quite some time, and quickly discovered they have a very loyal UK fanbase. We now order in very large quantities, but never manage to hang onto any of it for more than a couple of months.

That being said, we are often asked in the shop “what are these?” - especially when people come across the Ghosts and Familia. 

Ghosts are possibly Studio Arhoj’s most iconic product - a little figurine with a simple shape, expressive eyes and hundreds of colourful glazes. They were first made back in 2011, guided by the Japanese Shinto philosophy that everything in nature - even down to a lump of clay - has a soul. They can be both a fun decoration and a watchful talisman to keep you company. Familia are created in the same vein, but with greater variation in the shapes and forms. Each one is glazed by hand by a member of the Studio Arhoj team, giving every familia a touch of individual personality.

Studio Arhoj Familia and Tri-Pot plant pots - BindleStore.

In short, they’re exactly what they look like - Just Some Objects - but with a lot of character. Anders describes them as ‘objects with personalities’. 

Alongside the colourful cast of familia, Studio Arhoj also produce more practical items, including a number of cups and mugs - the Chug Mug is popular every season, whilst the larger Mion Mug brings a touch of Japanese elegance to the home. Meanwhile, the Ghost Light will haunt your space and brighten up dark corners; hand-cast in translucent milk-white porcelain, it transforms an everyday tealight into an eerie glow.

Studio Arhoj Ghost Light Candle Holder - BindleStore.

One of the stand out products in the collection is also one of the newest. Smoke Mountain is a clay incense burner, hand thrown in the shape of a volcano with a snowy glazed peak. Cone incense (from Apotheke Fragrance or P.F. Candle Co, for example) can be placed inside, with the smoke calmly rising from the top to fill your space. The surface is rough enough to strike a match from, and the base is finished with a small hole to accommodate stick incense.

Studio Arhoj Smoke Mountain - BindleStore.


Whether you're in Manchester browsing in person or taking a moment to go through the full collection online, find all our off-beat, colourful Studio Arhoj ceramics here!

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