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The Landscapers

Plantaholic Diffuser [A03]

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The Landscapers was launched in 2014 in Kamakura, Japan. The brand brings together graphic designers, architects, furniture makers, fashion designers and interior designers to focus their skills on botanical products.

Plantaholic Diffusers are a new type of diffuser, made using natural dried flowers. The scent is infused with a special treatment, allowing the diffuser to fill throughout your room from the moment it's taken out of the vacuum sealed packaging.

Each product comes with a leather cord to hang the diffuser on your wall. Alternatively, it can be used in a vase of your choice, or laid flat.

Please be aware that the infused oil may potentially mark walls when hanging.

Available in four different scents.

  • Rita Rose: The thorns hidden in the crimson and bewitching rose are expressed with a floral green scent. A gorgeous but dangerous rose attracts everyone.
  • Fruity Finch: The fruitiness of orange raspberries and the sweet and sour scent of peach give you a refreshing look with spearmint.
  • Woody Boyd: The sweetness of cinnamon and patchouli and the spicy scent create a sexy and luxurious scent.
  • Jasmine Jordan: Jasmine's elegant floral green scent. Amber, coconut and musk become a habit.