Lava Rock Pot Pourri [Terre Noire]
Lava Rock Pot Pourri [Terre Noire]

Lava Rock Pot Pourri [Terre Noire]

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Terre Noire: "Embers dance like fireflies in the night, hovering through the fog of the damp earth, darker than the shadow of the night. The silent spirit of terre noire.” 

[notes] Primal damp earth, barky, rich humus soil, ancient woods of petrified pines, rare aged oak.

Lava rock aroma diffuser, infused with pure perfume oil. Lava rock, or black basalt, comes from the Sahara and is bought by Bedouin nomads. Comes in a hand hammered iron case, with a black fumé finish. The included refill oil can be dropped directly onto the rocks to reinfuse them with scent.

  • Black lava rock, pure perfume, no alcohol.
  • 280g / 9.87oz
  • Refill: 15ml / 0.5fl oz