Amber Resin Pot Pourri [Grand Mogul]
Amber Resin Pot Pourri [Grand Mogul]

Amber Resin Pot Pourri [Grand Mogul]

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Grand Mogul: "Child of the black midnight, amazing statue carved out in the darkest corner of my heart, whose scent is half of balsamic, all enamelled with azure and gold."

[notes] Rose oud, incense, resinous, balsamic, rich.

Amber resin aroma diffuser, infused with pure perfume oil. Amber is a vegetal gum, from a tree found throughout the African Sahel. Comes in a hand hammered iron case, with a black fumé finish. The included refill oil can be dropped directly onto the amber to reinfuse it with scent.

  • Vegetal amber, pure perfume, no alcohol.
  • 560g / 19.75oz
  • Refill: 15ml / 0.5fl oz