Two glass carafes with stainless steel coffee filters on wooden bench in shop
Coffee bloom during brewing in glass carafe with stainless steel filter on wooden surface
Used coffee grounds in stainless steel filter and plastic stand next to glass carafe on wooden surface
Glass carafe with stainless steel coffee filter on wooden bench in shop
Stainless steel coffee filter in plastic stand next to glass carafe on wooden shelf
Close up stainless steel coffee filter with engraved logo
Close up glass carafe with engraved logo on wooden surface

SCS Coffee Carafe Set [Stainless Steel Filter]

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Enjoy the richness of going slow.

The Slow Coffee Style carafe was designed to help you unwind and enjoy a slow, relaxing pour over coffee.

The stainless steel filter extracts coffee oil and brings out the richness and aroma of brewed coffee. It can be reused without the need for disposable paper filters.

The filter rest can also be used to measure the amount of coffee beans.

All parts are stackable for compact storage.

  • 4 Cups / 600ml - 180mm x 150mm
  • 2 Cups / 300ml - 150mm x 125mm