Incense Cones [Black Oud]
Incense Cones [Black Oud]
Incense Cones [Black Oud]
Apotheke Fragrance

Incense Cones [Black Oud]

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Cone incense, made one-by-one by hand in the Apotheke atelier in Chiba. The scent spreads quickly and remains pure due to the lack of any core material. These are conveniently packaged in a metal tin, so they can be enjoyed in lots of different situations. A non-combustible sheet is provided to help prevent the ash from scattering.

Black oud is an oriental woody scent with exotic tone. In Sushruta, an ancient pharmaceutical treatise in India, it says people may apply the smoke of agarwood as perfume, and burned agarwood was also used as an analgesic for wounds.

[notes] Agarwood, black pepper, cinnamon, guaiac wood, vetiver.

[how to use] Slide the lid off the container and place it on a flat surface inside out. Place the incombustible sheet inside the lid with the black surface facing up. Place the incense on the sheet and light the top before gently extinguishing.

  • Quantity: 20pcs
  • Burn time: 20+ minutes each
  • Made in Japan