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Shoe Deodoriser

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Take a piece of the Tuscan countryside with you wherever you next take off your shoes.

"Bibbona is a comune in the province of Livorno in the Italian region of Tuscany, located southwest of Florence. After visiting Bibonna on one of the first inspiration trips we took we instantly fell in love with the place! One of our first projects as a brand was to create a scent that would always remind us of the Tuscan countryside. Drawn towards the freshly baked herb bread that we tasted from the bakery close by, one scent in particular that filled our noses was Thyme. One of our favourite evening treats was to dip the freshly baked thyme bread in a bowl of oil and balsamic vinegar. Another of our favourite Tuscan rituals was to collect mandarins from the trees on our afternoon walks and eat these throughout the day. The outcome: Bibonna, a scent with a sensually, floral citrus-like undertone with an infusion of warm herbal notes of fresh thyme."

The shoe deodoriser is made and produced in the United Kingdom. This ensures every bottle is made to the highest possible quality.

Measures 250ml.